Ana’s Story and Isabel’s Story

The NIAMS offers two FREE bilingual fotonovelas as part of its efforts to provide communities with reliable health information on preventing and managing sports injuries and osteoporosis. Both fotonovelas appeal to audiences of all reading levels, offer information and practical everyday tips about sports injuries and bone health, and are free to order individually or in bulk quantities.

Here you’ll find information about Ana’s Story: How she and her family learned about sports injuries and Isabel’s Story: How she and her family learned about osteoporosis. You’ll also find resources to help spread the word about NIAMS fotonovelas to your communities on social media.

Ana's Story - Sports Injuries

Ana's Story

Ana’s Story portrays a young girl who injures her knee while playing soccer. During the course of the fotonovela Ana and her family learn about sports injuries, including causes, prevention tips, and treatment options. Ana’s Story appeals to both children and adults with its bright graphics and its clearly laid out health information.

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Isabel's Story - Osteoporosis

Isabel's Story

Isabel’s Story follows a woman who leads a busy life managing her job and her family. One day Isabel falls and breaks her wrist, leading to the discovery that she has osteoporosis. Through the fotonovela, Isabel and her family learn about osteoporosis, including how to manage the condition, prevent falls in the future, and improve their bone health.

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Fall sports are back in session! Are your kids playing safely? Read Ana's Story (free fotonovela). 

Isabel didn’t know she had osteoporosis until she fell & broke her wrist. Read Isabel's Story (bilingual fotonovela). 

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Have you heard? NIAMS has free bilingual fotonovelas with info and tips on keeping your bones and muscles healthy. Order your copies today and follow along as Ana learns about sports injuries and Isabel learns about osteoporosis.

Ana loves to play sports, but didn’t know much about sports injuries until she fell and hurt her knee. Follow along as Ana and her family learn about sport injuries in this free bilingual fotonovela from the NIAMS

Like many of us, Isabel leads a busy life. It took one minor fall and a broken wrist to discover that she has osteoporosis. Find out what happened in Isabel’s Story, a free bilingual fotonovela with info and tips about osteoporosis.